About Us

SPS Insulation can increase your comfort by addressing temperature control at the source… Your thermal envelope, your attic and walls. Cold and drafty rooms in the winter and hot upper levels in the summer can become a thing of the past.

Blown in insulation is the best way to ensure a comfortable and affordable indoor living environment. Stop the cold and stop the heat before it gets in!

SPS Insulation will insulate your existing walls, attics, crawl spaces, and more… anywhere you may have temperature control problems.

Plaster walls? No problem! We can blow insulation in behind your existing wall surface for thousands less than if you were to demolish and re-drywall. You could begin to save hundreds of dollars on the cost of heating and cooling year after year while delivering superior insulation!

SPS Insulation specializes in residential retrofit insulation. Often your problem with the insulation surfaces after living through the first heating or cooling season. Our trained mechanics carefully protect your home’s contents before any work begins. We cover your floors, walkways, doorways and furnishings, treating your home delicately as if it were our own.

Perhaps you have tried new windows and doors or even insulated siding without the results you were expecting–blown-in insulation will make the biggest difference of all. Guaranteed.

How We Began

Brian Snedeker chose to work in this industry because many homeowners could be more comfortable and save money if insulated with excellence. I love working in the Mid Atlantic Region because there is a beautiful variety of architecture.

• We started in this industry in 1992
• We describe our business as up and coming

Through the years we have served many customers in our region and continue our quest to offer the very best insulation services. We are able to serve on average 500 clients a year.

Our Expertise

Comfort and savings blown right in!
With the increasing cost of electricity, natural gas and heating oil You Can Fight Back!

The solution: Have SPS Insulation blow insulation in your walls and attic! We can cut your heating and cooling costs substantially while making your home far more comfortable! In many homes we have lowered costs by up to 50%, some even more! (results vary)

Proudly Serving:

• South Eastern Pennsylvania
• Philadelphia County & Suburbs
• Delaware County
• Montgomery County

Also serving parts of the following areas
• Bucks County
• Chester County

Product Brands We Use:

• Fiber America
• US Green Fiber
• CertainTeed
• Handi Foam
• Zero Draft

What Our Clients Are Saying

Easy to schedule. Straight forward and honest with the quote. Completely accommodating. A delight to work with in every way! Top notch work as well!

Blown in cellulose insulation. Job was completed to an excellent standard at a very reasonable price. After the job was completed, and without being prompted, Brian followed up with a reminder and necessary paperwork to apply for the Energy Tax credit.

Company responded quickly to our inquiry. The materials used were more pricey than a normal insulation job, however, the quality was significantly better than our previous products. The company worked to ensure that we were satisfied and did some additional work that wasn’t included in the estimate. I would highly recommend this company and we will be using them again.

Brian and his team are absolute experts in their trade. My home had unique issues in that the wall depth was not uniform making the option of using rolled batt fiberglass impossible, I was also very worried about future mold issues in our cathedral ceiling. Before we hired SPS I did pretty extensive research on this issue and was worried about finding a contractor with enough knowledge to put my mind at ease. Brian came in and basically he could have written the articles I read. He was so well versed in all methods and knew exactly what was needed (a combo of cellulose and spray foam). My job was done very thoroughly, quickly and came in cheaper than I thought it would. I cant recommend SPS enough. Thanks again Brian and team.

SPS was great ! They arrived on time, were delightful guys and did a great job. They were also immaculate in their work, fully sealing off the attic area to prevent dust, tarping over my stairs and hardwood floors, and vaccumming when they were done. I would highly reccommend SPS and would hire them again if we needed additional insulation work. of heat.

They did a very good job, and were very thorough. Price was reasonable. They were on time and clean.

Joy & I were recently talking, and we decided that doing the insulation was probably the best money we have spent on this house so far.
Our house is more comfortable and we’re spending less on utilities.
Great job all around!

I had a handful of insulation contractors come out to my house to quote me on insulating my attic and some knee walls as well as look at sealing up my crawlspace. Brian was the only one who when talking to i got the sense of him actually knowing what he was talking about. SPS ended up insulating my attic with blow in cellulose, sealed my attic door and added some in the stairway to the attic. They also opened up a kneewall in my upstairs room and insulated that as well. My top floor is now MUCH more comfortable in both summer and winter then it was before.

On top of that they also fixed a dangerous vent fan for me (was a fire waiting to happen, replaced that one properly and did two others for me), sealed my crawlspace where i had open access to the outside (havent seen a mouse since, plus no longer need a dehumidifier!) and insulated and sealed open areas of my garage/house border.

They went above and beyond and did fantastic work and have recommended them to anyone who has asked!

They were very good. I liked their service. They worked very efficiently. They did quality work. It did make a difference in my house. I did feel warm immediately. So I am planning to use them in the future.